I began training in Muay Thai as an alternative to the tedium of the gym. I had never done any martial arts but I knew i wanted to find a way of getting fit, learn a new skill and enjoy myself all at once. I work odd hours so I couldn't make the scheduled classes, electing instead to book an hour a week of private lessons. Within no time I was hooked and I now do three hours every week and I would do more if only I had the time. All in all, I would say that Mauy Thai has improved my health, brought my fitness levels right up and improved my coordination. I eat better, sleep better, feel more confident and I sincerely hope never ever to have to step foot on a treadmill again!


Having done basic Martial Arts training previously but being bang out of shape I was nervous to take up training again. Mariusz could not have proved my worries more unfounded. In the short period I have been training my strength, stamina and most importantly technique have improved significantly – and I've found a form of exercise I truly love. Technique is a massive part of Mariusz's training – something my previous trainer seriously neglected, with Mariusz you are not just hitting pads you are learning. All in all Mariusz is not only an excellent trainer but also a really good guy as well.


If you want to train with Kettlebells and unlock your potential, you need to train with Mariusz. If you want to be skilled in the art of Muay Thai and learn from easily one of the best coaches in the UK you need to train with Mariusz. Having worked with him and having had the privilege of Coaching him on our Kettlebell course I know that he is a keen student first who aims to master what he has learned before passing on to his students. A practical hands on Coach, He leads from the front and does not expect anything from his clients that he would not expect of himself, dedication, determination, and a will to push beyond current boundaries and set higher standards of achievement. Mariusz is a breath of fresh air and a credit to an industry often plagued by quick fix fat loss fraudulent trainers and other gimmicks.

  I started Muay Thai following a break from a different martial art that I have been doing. I have attended classes for the last two months and can already see the difference it has made in my fitness all round. This is a excellent martial art if you are interested in not just learning how to fight and depend your self but also if you are looking to improve your fitness level. The instructor is very encouraging, approachable, knowledgeable and friendly which really helps if you need to stop and ask a question or two.. These classes are attended by people from all different backgrounds and the atmosphere is excellent.


I have trained with Kru Mariusz for over 2 years now and have found his style of teaching highly effective. Kru Mariusz has a true passion for muay thai and this shows when delivering his teaching. In addition to this I have regularly had private lessons with Kru Mariusz and this has been a great way of developing my muay thai skills more quickly as well as working on my stamina and overall fitness. I would thoroughly recommend you book a lesson but be warned you will be very tired afterwards but most definitely a few calories lighter!!