One of the fastest growing fighting styles in the UK, Muay Thai is Two Thousand years of combat history distilled into the ‘science of eight limbs’ in which the fighter employs Fists, Shins, Knees and Elbows. plus a form of stand up grappling known as clinch work. Its power and simplicity means it’s widely regarded as the worlds most effective martial arts and it has exploded globally in recent years winning funds both as a breath taking ring sport and a vital component of mixed martial arts.

Muay Thai has demonstrated to the world its effectiveness. Many martial arts are now incorporating Muay Thai techniques into their systems. Muay Thai is full of colourful and effective techniques. As your physical strength, coordination, and stamina develop, you will also notice improvements in your determination, patience, and self-control. The goal of Muay Thai training is the development of the whole self.